Upholstery Cleaners Essex Established 1982

Choosing the right company to carry out the work of your upholstery cleaning in Essex is one area where making the wrong choice can have disastrous repercussions so choose carefully! Having worked as carpet and upholstery cleaners Essex wide since 1982 has given us a great wealth of experience (over 60 years collectively) in what is the most complex part of our work as Upholstery cleaners. We have seen and cleaned the most extravagant upholstery from the large suite to the smaller brocade cottage sofas, Its safe to say the truck mount cleaner that is used for upholstery cleaning has no equal, it cleans suites better and leaves furniture much drier than the portable machines that most 3 piece suite cleaners in Essex are still using.

Best Upholstery Cleaning Essex Has Seen

That's not simply an egotistical statement we honestly feel that the whole approach taken towards cleaning whether its your 3 piece suite or dining room chairs that are the centre of attention, it is simply not possible to clean any better than we do! and you will be impressed by how quick the upholstery or furniture being cleaned dries. Stain removal is undertaken and It is also standard practice for us to sanitise and deodorise whatever item is being cleaned, freshening up what ever calamity has taken place. Do not forget the Oriental Rugs that any of your furniture may stand on they clean up beautifully.

All Types of upholstered furniture cleaned! including Dralon sofas, cotton chintz fabrics, brocade suites, we also carry out cleaning of upholstery commercially for pubs, golf clubs, restaurants, and we clean for health and fitness and sport and leisure clubs including David Lloyd and Club Kingswood Basildon.

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